Thursday, March 26, 2009

Galerie vs. Avington

I bought the galerie coffee table from C&B for $249 some time ago and the galerie side table for $229. I love the table, but the stupid thing keeps chipping. I have since called C&B and they have replaced the table 2 times. I still love the table, but my newest issue with it has been finding a similar finish to match the coffee tables for my tv media stand and book cases, without looking too off. C&B doesn't carry the media stands or book cases to match the collection.

Well I found the solution! I recently purchased the Avington media stand from Target $179 praying that the finishes would be close enough to pull off for my family room. They weren't close- they were DEAD ON PERFECT!

During my search I fell in love with the C&B Galerie Spirits Cabinet for $349.
Well I found a knock-off at Target- The Avington Buffet for $220. They look so similar, the quality is awesome on the Target version, and the finishes are identical. Looks like the Target version is next on my list!

So if you are looking at both of these, I highly suggest getting the coordinating pieces from Target. The finish is perfect and they look so nice together.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My secret to convincing my husband

to buy furniture that is not is his idea of a "Vinnie budget" - show him the champagne version and how much I am reallly saving him. It worked perfectly today!

I found this Target version a while back and intended on picking it up today while I was doing my weekly Target trip- well lucky me-vin decided to tag along. It is the Avington Collection media stand. I love the finish, it matches my C&B Galerie Table finish perfectly and will fit in perfectly in my living room. Anyways, it is $179 at Target. Vin had a fit that it was so exprensive. So we took a field trip to PB this afternoon.
On our field trip to Pottery Barn today, I found the Farmhouse Collection media stand that looks so much like it....for $899! Sheesh! Looks like I'm sticking with my Target version. Vin was happy I got a deal and I'm happy I got the first version I wanted anyways.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Office Finds!

I love these rattan/banana leaf end tables/stools. They are so cute and totally add that "natural" feel to a room. So in my search for the perfect office, I came across this one from Crate and Barrel the Abaca 19" ottoman for $119. As always, I love it but not the price tag. So here is a more wallet friendly option from Target-Woven Honey Side Table for $44.99.

Can you tell the difference?
The first picture is C&B and the second is the Target knock-off. Sweet deal Target!

And here is a sneak peek of my office that I finally decided on. I am starting it this weekend. I am so excited for an actual office. Working at my dining room table is getting old. Thoughts? How do you like it?

my office
my office - by vmgetl on


So I was milling around Target for an hour the other day- yes this is a typical occurrence by the way- I found the cutest bedding ever. Word on the street is the quality is ehh, but it is only $75 and super cute if you like clean whites or shabby is the link. Well my favorite nesties pointed out to me that West Elm has the same bedding for $119- IN COLOR! I'm in heaven! So for about $45 more, you can have a better quality colored version like this. Here is the link.
So if you are looking for the cheaper deal, go to Target, but if you like color- West Elm girls!