Friday, December 12, 2008

My master bedroom challenge!

I have been begging Vinnie to let me start re-decorating...correction: DECORATING: our master bedroom. Currently, we have a bunch of mismatched furniture, our bedding is 3 years old, and I am just over it. I want an adult bedroom. So here is my challenge. Below is my bedroom currently.

I am not quite sure where I found this inspiration picture, but if you know or it is yours, please let me know so I can credit you and question you to death!
Keeping with my champagne taste and beer budget I am trying to recreate the look of this room for less.

I know this rooms seems rather blank, but I love the simplicity of it. It is very neutral- a relaxing place to unwind. My life is so hectic and crazy that I need one place to embrace neutral and simple. Also, I am drawn to the window treatments-mainly because my bedroom windows are very similar and impossible to find anything that looks 1/2 way decent.

I found the furniture from I haven't been into the store to actually take a look at the quality, but for $1099, I love the price. It includes the bed (head and foot boards), the tall dresser, the long dresser and mirror and 1 night stand.
I love the blue color on the walls, but I am leaning more towards the inspiration picture of the tans, but if I go that route, I found a perfect match from Behr -$15 a gallon after $5 rebate-Regatta Blue.

I also found this bedding that I fell in love with from Macy's Hotel Collection. It is insanely priced, so I am looking for a "beer" replacement. I may splurge since I am aiming for a luxury retreat, but we'll see!

So my task for you- give me your honest opinions. I want some feedback!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blogville is becoming the Twilight Zone

So thanks to Me&MrT, I have jumped on the Twilight bandwagon- resisting it at first, but dodododo dodododo - and here I am 3 books in, craving the fourth. With about 13 shows waiting for me on my tivo, no contact with my family or friends, no laundry, dishes, housework, or anything even touched in the last week, no nourishment of any kind-seeing as I read through my lunch hour, through dinner, and never eat breakfast, I have been totally and fully consumed with Twilight and the series it consists of. My nest time has dwindled down to ), my blog-baby is in need of an up-date, so I figured I'd keep with my find it cheaper theme. So for all of you who haven't jumped on the Twilight bandwagon, I searched for the books for cheaper ;-) and found them at walmart. I was going to check them out of the library, but people had these suckers on hold until April- seriously! So if you want to jump into the Twilight Zone, go to Walmart and buy them! I think it was something like $8.69 for the first book. Enjoy and know that my Twilight obsession is almost over- I can't wait to get back to reality!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And a special thank you

to Kim at Newly Woodwards for my Kreative Blogger Award. She made my whole day....and here I have been for 25 years thinking I don't have an ounce of unique-ness to me! Kim has a fabulous blog- which I just recently started following and she is one of my biggest supporters in Blogville, so this is just instant love Kim!

So it seems that I need to pass it on? Since I an new to Blogville, I have to think on this, because all of my favorites already have this award. I do want to give it to one person for sure though- Copy Cat Chic gets it because she was my inspiration for starting my own blog. Had she not stopped updating, I'd still be a no go in Blogville. So heres to you Copy Cat Chic! Bring it back! I miss it- and still check it twice a day for any hope or sign that you'll come back!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To my fans

Dear fans of my blog,

Thank you for all of your encouragement and comments. I didn't know if this would be a hit or a dud, but figured I would try and see where it goes. I love finding deals and obviously you guys love finding them too. So if you see something you love, but want it cheaper, challenge me! Send me what you are looking for and I will help as much as I can to replicate it and find it cheaper. Thanks for your comments and support again! It makes blogging that much better knowing that people actually care about what I have to say ;-).

Champagne Love,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Target isn't always cheaper!

I found this mirror (1st pic) at The Gotham Mirror for $379. My heart stopped beating for a second when I saw that price and I have been on the look-out for a cheaper version or for it to go on clearance. Well since I do what I do and I do it well, (lol) I found it cheaper! Did you doubt I would? The second picture is from The Lawrence Mirror, on sale for $99. Tell me if you can tell the difference. I'll take the cheaper version!

Seagrass Chairs

Pottery Barn's Seagrass Wingback Chair
Crate and Barrel's New Havana Chair

I found these a while back and have had my eye on them. This chair looks really uncomfortable, but after a day long shopping trip to the Commons, Vinnie got tired and whiney and decided to "test" out furniture in Crate and Barrel. I was in the store for a good hour or so and he didn't budge from this chair. I have searched and searched for the cheaper version, but you will never guess where I found it...Pottery Barn of all places!!! This chair at Crate and Barrel is called the New Havana Chair. It comes with the cushion (generous of C&B, don't you think?) and will cost you about $599 plus tax. The same chair at Pottery Barn is $399 plus tax-The Seagrass Wingback Chair. They look the same and are both **really** comfortable. Vinnie was trying to talk me into the C&B one, but I wouldn't do it because of the price. I showed him the PB version and he is in love with me all over again!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So we were going over insurance coverage

last night and I got to thinking how much it actually does cost to furnish a room-seeing that Vinnie insured all of our belongings for $20,000. So I am breaking down my family room piece by piece. Welcome to my family room. This is where we spend all of our time. I am not completely finished with it yet, but I know how much the remaining "missing links" will cost so I factored those in as well..

Family Room Items Breakdown:
Sectional: Wickes Furniture- $2301 with tax
Curtains: Target $19.99 each + Rod $24.99 = $69.14 with tax
Area Rug: Target $129.99
Coffee Table: Crate and Barrel Galerie Coffee Table $249
Console Table: Crate and Barrel Galerie Console Table $229
Mirror: Home Depot $39
Throw Pillows: Target $19.99-$24.99 each= $159.66 with tax
Art on Wall: Meijer $69.99
Clock: Crate and Barrel $79
Baskets: Target and Michaels $24.99 +$12=$ 36.99
Candles on Table: Target $11
Coasters: Crate and Barrel $59.98
TV: Walmart $1587
Area Rug by the Garage: Target(not in photo) $44
Frame above couch: Michaels $7.99
Huge Green Chair= Bain of my existence= Happy Husband's Man Chair
Coming Soon:
Galerie End Table: Crate and Barrel $199
Avington TV Media Stand: Target $179.99
Lamp: Target +shade $54.98
My Grand Total To Decorate My Family Room:$5506.71
So after I did this for H last night, he decided(and I use this term loosely) that we will be upping our insurance coverage.....and it only took THIS to make him realize. Oh Lord help me!

Building my dream home....

I have this idea of what I would ideally want every single room in my "dream home" to look like. So just amuse me and ohhhh and ahhhh over it. It is my goal this year to physically copy one designer room and see what it actually costs- along my beer budget. So here goes! Side note- some of these are absolutely unobtainable like the entryway for instance.

I adore this office. I first spotted this on and I fell in love.

This will be my master bathroom in my dream home-compliments of Pottery Barn.

This is such a fabulous living room. From Point Click Homes I believe.
I love this for my future daughters room (no not anytime soon!).

This wil be previously mentioned future daughters nursery.

I have always wanted a table for my entryway that serves absolutely no purpose other than to hold flowers and make the space look grande!

My Husband will get a man room! I love this wallpaper of all things.
I love this dining room. It's elegant, but comfortable looking.

I have more to add, but I just wanted to get it started. Let me know which one you think I should try to replicate. I am leaning towards the office.

Let's take a minute...

to really appreciate champagne! Every girl who love heels and pearls should always have a bottle or two (or 4 like yours truely) chilled and ready to crack open on any random moment or occasion. I personally love anything Spumante, but one may argue that it really isn't champagne- it is a sparkling wine....but that is just more of a reason to love it. Get where I am going with this?!? Spumante and/or sparkling wine is just like champagne, but cheaper and I actually prefer it. My sister got me hooked on this super cheap Asti Spumante- it's in a pale green bottle and is (ironically) called Verde and is usually in between $6 and $9. If you love sparkling wine/champagne/ white sweet wines, this one is for you! Now it's 8:07 am and I am craving a damn glass of verde!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I originally fell in love with this table(1st pic) at C&B for $499 without a leaf- so it seats 4- the Avalon Extension Dining Table. After a little searching I came across 2 others- fairly similar- one from Target(2nd) American Simplicity 42" Round Pedestal Table - Black which is $229.99 or with a leaf to seat 6 for $319.99 and one from Ikea (3rd pic)- LIATORP for $249 that comes with a leaf and extends to fit 6 chairs. The Ikea Liatorp is the best deal, but the Target version seems a little bit more stable. Your choice! EDIT!!!! After an anonymous review of the Ikea Liatorp table, I don't want to promote it. I have seen all 3 of the versions up close and personal, and the Ikea version is definitely less stable as I mentioned above, so if you are going to go with this table, I am promoting the Target version. It's a little bit more for the leaf, but it is solid and has great reviews on as well. Thanks for all of your imput readers!!!

Crate & Barrel vs. JC Penny's

This one is not exactly identical, but close enough, still functional, and does exactly what you need it to do. The Windham Storage Bench/Cushion and Mirror from C&B go for $599. The Clark Wall Shelf and Bench with Baskets from JC Penny is $249. Save your money and get it from Penny's!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Macy's vs. Target

I have been in love with this bedroom set from Macy's for about a year now (lower picture). It's the Murray Hill II collection for a sleek $4700. I was just cruising and I found this almost identical replica -the Seattle Bedroom Collection for $1700 (upper picture). The catch- you need to put the Target version together yourself. I think Bob the Builder aka: my husband Vinnie can figure it out -especially since I'll be saving him $3000!

Pottery Barn Rant

I don't see where they get off charging $139 a throw pillow...what's the thing made of? Gold? Silver? Gasoline??? Seriously, it does the exact same thing a $12 throw pillow does and usually they get thrown on the other side of the couch, the floor, or otherwise. That being said, I am even more motivated to find great deals for you girls! ::Off to search for a bargain::

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silver Sage

Silver Sage is a RH trend that has moving across the D&R world. It's green but then it's blue- it's greyish, but then it's silver. It's a fabulous color and has so much versatility. I love these curtains from RH (1st picture) in Silver Sage- $169.99. Walmart has the exact color replica of RH's curtains in Silver Sage (2nd picture)- even called Silver Sage- for $14.99 a panel!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another mirror deal

Since I am on the subject of mirrors today, this is one of my favorites. Leaning mirrors are so in right now, but they are also crazy expensive. So take a trip to Ikea! They have this HEMNES mirror for $99.99. These suckers usually are in the ballpark of $400-$1000, so it seems like a steal to me! They have them in white and black/brown. They are about 30" by 65", and perfect for leaning!

Let's talk mirrors as art...

PB's Raindrop Mirror is fabulous (show below), but the $449 pricetag- not so much. It is also HUGE. But venture to Target (pictured above), and they have A Wire Capiz Sunburst Mirror- with a $69.99 pricetag on a smaller scale, but totally doable. I love my Target finds!

Craft Desks!

For all of you creative ladies, here is the perfect place to spread out and DIY! However this comes with a hefty price tag- PB's Bedford Project Table is a cool $1099. But there is a way! Macy's as the same table, but personally it looks more upscale and better quality than the beloved PB's version- the Craft 5-Piece Dining Room Set-Craft Table and 4 Stools for $899. Now just hold on- with a 20% coupon, the craft table and stools drop to about $629! Sweet deal Macy's!

Champagne tastes better...but beer is cheaper!

I was once told that I have champagne taste on a beer budget. At first I was hurt by it, but then I realized there is nothing wrong with having champagne taste if you could find a bargain or find it cheaper. We all love Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Restoration Hardware, however I don't love the prices (neither does my wallet). So move over PB, C&B, and RH, here are the cheaper versions from my favorite places like Target, JC Pennys, Home Goods, Kirkland Home, and Walmart.