Saturday, March 14, 2009

My secret to convincing my husband

to buy furniture that is not is his idea of a "Vinnie budget" - show him the champagne version and how much I am reallly saving him. It worked perfectly today!

I found this Target version a while back and intended on picking it up today while I was doing my weekly Target trip- well lucky me-vin decided to tag along. It is the Avington Collection media stand. I love the finish, it matches my C&B Galerie Table finish perfectly and will fit in perfectly in my living room. Anyways, it is $179 at Target. Vin had a fit that it was so exprensive. So we took a field trip to PB this afternoon.
On our field trip to Pottery Barn today, I found the Farmhouse Collection media stand that looks so much like it....for $899! Sheesh! Looks like I'm sticking with my Target version. Vin was happy I got a deal and I'm happy I got the first version I wanted anyways.

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