Monday, February 9, 2009

A bit of a dilema

Would you settle for a furniture set you semi-loved because of price, or would you wait and save and buy the set you love love?

I am torn between 2 bedroom sets. I love love the one, but it comes with a $5000 price tag. I semi-love the other one, and it is around $1200.

I know that the first 1 will hold up longer, but I don't know that my taste will last that long. The cheaper one is very similar to the other one, but enough difference to make me question it. And I really just want to finish our master bedroom. I don't want to finance the $5000, but it will take some time to save for it, especially with other things that come up. I could do the $1200 one today, but would you sacrifice the look of something being exact for the price?

I just don't want to buy the cheaper one and then in a year hate it because it wasn't exactly what I wanted. But I am so sick of having crap in our bedroom. What do you think?